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Teeth whitening Queens

Nowadays people generally go for teeth whitening to the dentist. It is the highly effective method to lightening natural color of the teeth. The procedure is very fast and so efficient that without removing surface of the teeth you can whiten your teeth. The white teeth look attractive, great, youthful and clean. Many people have naturally white teeth from birth but it becomes darker with age. The main cause for teeth darkening is smoking and drinking. Other causes are tobacco, caffeine and tea.
Teeth's whitening is a discoloration process in which stains are removed from teeth enamel. The dentist first check whether the teeth whitening method is suitable to the patient or not. Then the impression of your teeth is taken with help of dental compound. This is use to make thin tray that fits snugly your teeth and Then the patient is given syringe of gel which contains 15% carbamide peroxide which acts as a bleaching agent. The dentist places some of the gel in the tray which is nothing but whitening Queens and fits it into the teeth. The patient needs to wear this

teeth whitening Queens for at least 3 hours a day or over night as per the convenience of the patient.

Teeth whitening

Many research institutes states that whitening teeth with carbon peroxide or with hydrogen peroxide is quite safe under the supervision of dentist. This method will last for many years or for few months according to the eating and drinking habits of the patient. The treatment will take nearly 4 - 8 weeks and then you can see the results. The teeth whitening Queens cost nearly £198. There are 5%, 10% and 22% hydrogen peroxide gel which is used to start the process. Also at home quick start uses carbamide and hydrogen peroxide gels give the effect in 30 minutes only. There are other techniques also for teeth whitening like power assisted, laser whitening, new whitening gel formulation and some home teeth whitening kits.
The pregnant women are not recommended for whitening teeth because it may harm the baby. The teeth whitening are the most efficient, cost effective method for whiter healthy smile. The dentist plays crucial importance in determining which teeth will whiten and the best product suitable for you. One must have healthy eating habits to have an attractive, brighter and healthy smile. Whenever you go for whitening treatment and whitening paste always look for ADA which American dental association seal of acceptance. There are many at home whitening system like teeth whitening trays, teeth whitening strips, paint on teeth whitening, and whitening toothpaste. We are in the era of fast moving life and no one has time to go the doctor for monthly check up. So please be conscious about your teeth because it not only adds beauty to your life but also helps in chewing. The home base teeth whitening system allows to whiten your teeth at your own pace and comfort. So choose any one and have a happy smile.

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